We are always pleased to hear from experienced consultants and practitioners who are interested in joining our consulting team.

Our Requirements

To be part of an GIFPA team you will need to have many years experience in IT, Project Management, Assessment or Quality Assurance. (Alternatively a mathematical, scientific, engineering, psychology or sociology background.) You will also need a proven track record as a consultant or a practitioner in a relevant field, such as:

  • software measurement - including functional size measurement
  • process, quality and/or capability assessment
  • process improvement
  • estimating and risk management.

In addition you should have good written and spoken English, excellent communication skills and probably a good sense of humour. Ideally you should be based in the EU or western Europe.

Your Brief (should you choose to accept it)

Send us a 2 page career summary conforming to the following specification:

Page 1

  • Your name and contact details
  • Company or business name if you operate under your own company
  • A brief executive summary
  • Details of your skills, qualifications, memberships and affiliations
  • A list of your current and two most recent employers or assignments.

Page 2

Details of relevant assignments, projects and work experience. Present a paragraph for each. Explain what you did, the skills employed and how they benefited the client, project, etc.


You can send a paper copy of your summary to our office (address below) or e-mail us a copy in PDF to opportunities@measuresw.com.

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