The Capability Maturity Model

Guidelines for Improving the Software Process

Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute


ISBN 0-201-54664-7

Price £39.00 (UK)

Hardback Format


The Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM) is a framework that demonstrates the key elements of an effective software process. The CMM describes an evolutionary improvement path for software development from an ad hoc, immature process to a mature, disciplined process, in a path laid out in five levels. When using the CMM, software professionals in government and industry can develop and improve their ability to identify, adopt, and use sound management and technical practices for delivering quality software on schedule and at a reasonable cost.

This book provides a description and technical overview of the CMM, along with guidelines for improving software process management overall. It is a sequel to Watts Humphrey's important work, Managing the Software Process, in that it structures the maturity framework presented in that book more formally.


"In every sense, the CMM represents the best thinking in the field today...
this book is targeted at anyone involved in improving the software process, including members of assessment or evaluation teams, members of software engineering process groups, software managers, and software practitioners..."

-From the Foreword by Watts Humphrey


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