Assessing Capability


GIFPA provides consultancy for and training in assessing an organisation's capability to develop, maintain and/or support either software or complete systems. Any size of organisational unit can be assessed, from a small team of people to entire companies, agencies or other organisations. The results can be used to:
  • identify and prioritise process improvement requirements
  • provide a baseline against which changes in capabillity can be tracked
  • enable comparison between potential suppliers, whether in-house or external (outsourcing, sub-contract, etc).

Capability can be assessed against one or more industry models as well as an organisation's own process standards. GIFPA supports:

  • CMM®
  • CMMI® v1.2 (Staged and Continuous Models)
  • ISO 9001/2000
  • ITIL

These models provide a qualitative assessment of capability. This can be combined with quantitative evaluation for Measuring Performance.

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