Product Categories
GIFPA provide services, including consulting and training, for organisations which develop, maintain, support and/or use software. These are grouped into the following categories:
Applying Software Metrics
Using measurement and analysis in all aspects of software development and maintenance, to reduce cost, improve quality and predictability. Development of measurement programmes focussed on the critical concerns of the business.
  Assessing Capability
Formal assessment using the SPICE, ISO 9001/2000 models or the Software Engineering Institute’s CMM® or CMMI®. Class B and C assessments leading in-house teams or fully independent teams of consultants.
Estimating and Risk
Effort, duration, resource and cost estimation based on accurate Functional Size Measures (FSM). Training and mentoring to improve estimation utilising FSM, SLOC/COCOMO, or task-based models. Workshop facilitation and training in risk analysis and management.
  Improving Processes
Training, support and mentoring for both process improvement and project teams, using various frameworks for process modelling, such as the SEIsm CMM®/CMMI® or SPICE and ISO.
Measuring Performance
Evaluation of software development productivity, time-to-market, quality and functionality for performance analysis. Appraisal or benchmarking for management and improvement, either periodically or as required.
Independent objective analysis and assessment of customer/supplier partnerships, performance and service levels. SEIsm based supplier capability evaluation or project audits.
Tools and Techniques
Our services and training cover a wide range of tools and techniques. These include the major functional sizing methods:
and techniques such as:


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