Contracts for the procurement of software, or for outsourcing software activities, are usually negotiated by lawyers and accountants, often in secrecy and under great time pressure. Not the ideal conditions for establishing quantified performance targets or performance improvement targets, even leaving aside that most lawyers and accountants lack any practical experience of this subject.

Furthermore, setting such targets is not straightforward. Which aspect is most important to the client? Unit cost (related to productivity), time-to-market (related to speed of delivery), quality of the delivered software, delivery on time and/or budget, etc?

This is where GIFPA' experience of measuring and benchmarking performance can be of enormous help. Organisations come to GIFPA for Services and Training when they:

  • want to assess suitability of suppliers or risks in being a supplier
  • are negotiating software contracts
  • need help managing work and contractual targets
  • are in dispute with their customer or supplier

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