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ORCA: Organisational Reporting, Collection & Analysis


All software producers, whether commercial software vendors or in-house IS/IT departments, face the challenge of delivering solutions faster, at lower unit cost and to a higher quality than in the past.

Managing such activities requires accurate, reliable and up-to-date performance information.

For most software producers, developing and implementing a performance measurement programme is not a core business competency.

Now there is a new option…

Assign this function to GIFPA, the software performance measurement specialists.

Objectives: What our service offers

GIFPA provides a service for the development, implementation and operational management of your software performance measurement programme.

By working closely with your management team, GIFPA will quickly design, develop and implement the various components of a measurement programme, specifically tailored to your needs and requirements. We will do this with minimum disturbance to your software engineers and we will integrate with your Project Office activities. Or we can re-vitalise existing measurement activities.


GIFPA' ORCA service provides clearly defined processes and procedures covering the agreed organisational and measurement programme scope. The ORCA service can include any or all of the following:

GIFPA provides you with a managed service

Figure 1: Let us manage your measurement programme

GIFPA specialises in the design, provision and support of services and products based on our core competency of Software Measurement. Why not let us apply our skills to help you manage your core competency?

Reporting and follow-up action

GIFPA will report to you at regular agreed intervals, or provide ad hoc reports on request.

As experts in software measurement data collection and analysis, we can help your software engineers interpret and present the data in ways that clearly indicate progress or problem areas. GIFPA consultants can help you to identify appropriate performance improvement actions.


Major benefits can flow from assigning responsibility for your software measurement programme to GIFPA:

Next Steps

For further information, please contact: Paul Goodman via the GIFPA office at the address given at the bottom of this page.

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