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Scope Study: Measurement Programme Initiation


Getting a Software Measurement Programme to work and deliver real value is notoriously difficult. There is a wide choice of data to collect and viewpoints to satisfy. It takes time to establish good processes, to gain acceptance for a programme, to collect and analyse reliable data and to extract useful information. Then it takes more care and attention to capitalise on the improvement opportunities identified.

Whether you are extending or just starting a Software Measurement Programme, or wonder whether an existing programme is delivering real value, a Scope Study can help plan the best way forward.


The objectives are to determine how a Software Measurement Programme may best help the organisation achieve its goals, and to investigate the effort, duration and costs to implement and sustain such a programme.

Scope & Process

The Study proceeds through four stages:

Constraints & Assumptions

The Study will be "timeboxed". Total effort involved is dependent on the number of staff and projects at the client site(s), so Terms Of Reference will be agreed before work commences.

The impact on current activities will be limited to participation by a few staff in interviews and/or workshops.
It is assumed the client will provide a "site liaison officer" to facilitate the Study and access to typical technical and project management documentation.


Figure 1: Scope Study Procedure



The Scope Study Report is intended to define the optimal way forward for your software measurement programme and to act as a vehicle to obtain commitment and authority to proceed.

It will identify the viewpoints and stakeholders that must be satisfied, record critical success factors, the fit with existing project lifecycles and record available resources and current measurement assets.

The applicability of specific measurement techniques and options will be reviewed.

The final report will propose suitable high-level plans and estimates, and highlight other opportunities.


Senior Management will understand and commit to the Software Measurement Programme's goals, resource needs and plans.

The organisation at large will understand the aims and impact of the programme and the various accountabilities for success.

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