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We provide training in a variety of subjects associated with software measurement, project management and software process improvement. Our standard products take the form of short duration seminars and workshops, aimed at managers and practitioners. We believe our customers prefer the transfer of knowledge to be 'just enough and just in time'. This has proven to be a cost effective approach for many organisations.

Most GIFPA training sessions are delivered as in-house courses. This allows us to ensure that our clients' objectives are understood and that courses are adapted to suit the needs identified. Often it is useful to support the training programme by means of personal coaching exercises that provide reinforcement of the knowledge and skills obtained, and practice in their application. For public training, seminars and tutorials at conferences see the Diary Dates page.

Process Improvement, CMM® and CMMI®

A range of courses and workshops from overviews to our 4 day residential workshops which satisfy the training pre-requisite for team members of an SEI Authorised Appraisal.

Introduction to the CMM®Integrationsm SE/SW/IPPD/SS v1.1 (Staged)
This 4 day interactive workshop introduces the Staged Representation of the CMMI®: the Capability Maturity Model® Integrationsm for Systems Engineering / Software Engineering / Integrated Product and Process Development / Supplier Sourcing.

Using and Implementing the Capability Maturity Model®
For organisations or projects who are still using the CMM
® we provide this 4 day course, which covers similar ground to the SEI's Introduction to the CMM®. It has been extended at the suggestion of previous participants to provide help with implementation. In particular, the measurement practices benefit from Software Measurement Services’ expertise.

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Overviews and Managers' Guides

Not everyone needs an in depth knowledge of a subject. We provide training and seminars for managers and practitioners who need to know enough about a subject to work with or manage those who do require an in depth knowledge.

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Functional Size Measures

The functional size of the required, delivered and maintained product is a necessary input to the many measurements that facilitate good management of software products, projects and processes. Function Point Analysis (FPA) is a repeatable, defined technique for deriving a functional size for software applications. The resulting measures are independent of the development technology and the target operational environment. FPA provides measures of the output required from software development and support processes.

These practical courses provide participants with an understanding of the fundamental principles of software measurement, and practice in estimating and making measurements of functional size. Participants will use relevant techniques at various stages in the software product lifecycle.

Courses in both common variants of FPA and the new COSMIC FFP method are available. They run for one or two days, and take the form of intensive workshops. Participants are asked to bring current project information for use during the workshop.

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Estimating is a key skill for those involved in project planning. Accurate estimates of the size of a problem, and thence the effort required to solve that problem, the resources necessary, the costs likely to be incurred and the duration of the resultant project, are precursors for success.

Practical Estimating for Software Projects
Teaches a practical, step wise, multi-discipline approach to estimating that will maximise confidence in your estimates. It provides a defined process to produce estimates that are repeatable and open to improvement.

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Software Measurement

There are many ways to use measurement and more things to measure than just functional sizes. For example:

Using the Goal/Question/Metric Method
Software measurement experts have used the GQM Method invented by Dr. Vic Basili for many years. This course captures the latest thinking. It is a 'must' for anyone who has to formulate, communicate and work toward clear goal statements.

Using Metrics to Manage & Control Projects
This course presents methods and techniques for determining if a project is on schedule and within budget.

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Project Management, Development and Support

This is our catch all category for those subjects and techniques which did not fall into one of those above. It includes Risk Management, Facilitation Skills and eXtreme Programming.

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CMMI®, CMM® and Capability Maturity Model® are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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