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Charles Symons (centre) and Grant Rule talking with customers and visitors to our stand

GIFPA presented a paper, a tutorial, facilitated a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session and exhibited at the 1999 European Software Engineering Process Group Conference.

Estimation Tutorial Attracts Huge Audience

Grant Rule presented his tutorial on Early Size Estimation of Software Development to a packed audience of 100 to 120 participants.

COSMIC Developments

On behalf of the COSMIC core team Charles Symons presented the paper introducing COSMIC FFP - The New Software Functional Sizing Method

GIFPA ORCA - The Measurement Programme in a Box

GIFPA has helped many people to set up measurement programmes within their own organisations. We have provided consultancy to establish what measures to take, plus training in the chosen estimating and measurement techniques. As part of this process we have also provided experts to help with the actual data collection to get the programmes running.

We have incorporated these elements into ORCA our new Organisational Reporting, Collection & Analysis service for implementing a measurement programme. For more information see:

and our one page description of ORCA which is available in both PDF and HTML formats:

Issue 4 of "Software Measurement and Process"

Hot off the press for the conference was Issue 4 of our newsletter "Software Measurement and Process". We distribute this in printed hardcopy, HTML and Adobe PDF electronic formats. Call our office to receive a printed hardcopy - or print out, fill in and return a copy of the Issue 4 Reader Enquiry Form.

Birds of a Feather session "Implementing Software Measurement Programmes"

30 to 35 people participated in this Birds of a Feather session (BoF), which was intended for all those seriously interested in achieving improvement. The BoF was facilitated by Grant Rule, Charles Symons, Paul Goodman and Wally Steele.

One of the big issues expressed by many people throughout the conference was getting "Buy In" (or commitment) from Senior Management, Project Managers and Practitioners. This surfaced again during the BoF session along with questions about gaining understanding, dealing with conflicts, what measures to collect and how to present the data to the different parties.

The participants felt the session to have been useful. Many liked our idea of using a computer to make and project notes of the discussion onto a large screen as various points were made.

For those of you who attended but were unable to collect a printed copy of the notes follow the link for Notes from the BoF Session.

If you did not attend and would like one of us to explain the notes please contact Grant, Charles, Paul or Wally via our office. Contact details for our office are at the bottom of this page.

The Goal/Question/Metric Method

The Goal/Question/Metric Method”, a new book by Rini van Solingen and Egon Berghout, is now available from the GIFPA Bookshop.

To coincide with the publication of their book we are relaunching our 2 day course on Using the Goal/Question/Metric Method. Course attendees will each receive a copy of the book in their course pack.

Egon Berghout (left), Rini van Solingen (centre) and Grant Rule (right)

Rini and Egon came over to thank us for our review of the book and to tell us about the GQM website, This has templates, suggested answers and more information to accompany the book.

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