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The 2008 Software Best Practices Webinar Schedule

The Software Best Practices Webinars Series is an online educational program aimed at improving the practice and management of software development and maintenance world wide.

The weibars are run by the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute, an organization founded by CAI to improve the practice and management of software development and maintenance. The IT Metrics and Productivity Institute seeks to accomplish its mission through the promotion of best practices in the areas of Process, Metrics, Estimation, and IT Governance.

Each webinar will feature an expert speaker who has extensively researched and successfully applied best practice principles to the development and maintenance of software.

GIFPA is pleased to be contributing three webinars to ITMPI's 2008 programme:

Thursday 11 September: True North metrics for delivering value from IT - Grant Rule

Wednesday 1 October: Requirements Engineering is MAD (Management And Development) - Dr. Simon Wright

Thursday 5 November: ISBSG Standard Benchmarking Process - Dr. Tony Rollo

All webinars are available at no charge. Please note webinar times are displayed in US Eastern Time and that the telephone numbers used for dialing into the audio portion of these webinars are US based numbers.

Full schedule of ITMPI Webinars for 2008.

Software Measurement and Improvement Forum -
Delivering Continuous Improvement.

22nd May 2008    Intellect, Russell Square House, Russell Square, London UK

Delivering continuous, sustainable improvement throughout the software lifecycle presents a challenge, particularly where multiple outsourced suppliers may be involved.

Supplier organisations likewise are often widely dispersed geographically, supplying a number of customer organisations with different priorities, perceptions of value, and levels of organisational maturity. Managing contract risk, ensuring a common perception of value, and an ability to operate as an integrated team are important factors in sustaining high-value, long-term customer-supplier relationships.

This SMIF looks at the critical role of measurement for the objective management of information systems, focused on delivery of value to the customer.

Speakers at this SMIF will include:

P. Grant Rule, Managing Director, GIFPA Ltd.
Christine Green, EMEA Sizing and Estimating Team, EDS a/s (Denmark)
Mark Davison, Performance and Quality Manager, (formerly with Vodafone UK)

Three speaker presentations will be followed by a buffet lunch and an open-forum discussion of the issues raised.

Attendance at SMIF is free, but must be registered in advance at

The Software Measurement and Improvement Forum provides an opportunity for managers with diverse roles such as Head of Software Engineering Process Group or Head of Project Office, Supplier Agreement Managers to discuss performance improvement issues with their peers from other organisations. The forum presents speakers who are actively engaged in using and applying software metrics and implementing change. It brings together practitioners seeking to realise the benefits of performance improvement.

Presentations are followed by a facilitated workshop to explore some of the issues raised by the presenters and forum participants.

Strategic Insight Roadshow: RIsks and Rewards of Strategic IT Sourcing

CAI Europe and GIFPA have combined their world-class expertise to bring you Strategic Insight, events and seminars for CxOs or Director / Vice President equivalents.

Strategic Insight offers an exclusive opportunity to benefit from presentations and peer–group discussions on issues such as: control & predictability - value - visibility – sourcing strategy – governance – strategic business relationship management.

The first series of seminars, on Risks and Rewards of Strategic IT Sourcing, will be presented at the offices of Eversheds LLP:

London - 25th June

Leeds - 26th June

Birmingham - 27th June

Details, programme and registration from

Places cost £75 including VAT, breakfast, lunch and refreshments.

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