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Painting by Numbers: Using visible measures for lean management.
Grant Rule, pioneer of the application of Lean techniques to software process improvement, explores what measures can be used to inform decisions and behaviour at all levels; how to go about getting them in place; and how to make sure they are visible - and therefore applied.

Benefits to the UK software industry of successfully exploiting metrics
Charles Symons' formula calculates that effective use of metrics could deliver benefits in the region of £600K to the UK software industry (pub. Dec 2006)

Sizing software by counting "one, two, many": does it matter?
Charles Symons argues that it does. COSMIC-FFP is a functional size measurement specifically developed for the modern software industry and delivers far more valuable data than older methods.

A CAI State of the Practice Interview with Charles Symons
Charles Symons, founder of COSMIC and creator of the Mark II Function Point, talks to Michael Milutis, Executive Director of the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute about the value of software measurement

Case Study: Monitoring Project Performance
How reliable is our functional size measurement? The answer to this question was highly significant to a Government department, their software supplier and to the taxpayer served by this partnership.

Case Study: Sizing a Product Portfolio
A major software product developer sought to obtain a view of the value of their product assets, the colume of change to be managed, and the quality of the products supplied to the customer. They needed objective measurement data.

Rule’s Relative Size Scale
Software products come in a wide range of sizes, from trivially small to massive applications used by national governments and multinational corporations. For benchmarking and estimating purposes it often is useful to appreciate the relative size of a specific piece of software. An appropriate scale of size categories can be based on the familiar terms used to express clothing sizes i.e. XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Count Me In
Every 10 years since 1801 there has been a count of all people and households in the UK... Organisations can conduct a software related census.

Software Project Census
Details of a typical approach used and the services available from GIFPA for conducting a census.

Planning Counts
Measurement programmes and benchmarking exercises need to be planned and managed. For ideas we look at the 2001 Census.

Software Size Measurement
Undergoing a renaissance, Functional Size Measurement is applicable thorughout the development, maintenance and support lifecycles.

Improve M&S Productivity
Helpful analysis and key action priorities for improving software Maintenance and Support(M&S) productivity

Politically & Technically Correct ?
An article which goes beyond the political correctness of terms like 'man hour', 'man day' and 'man month' to investigate what they mean as a unit of measurement.

Performance Assessment
To compare project performance, identify improvement opportunities and make good estimates for future projects, you need to assess the performance of existing projects.

Sizing E-commerce
There is an increasing demand to size web based e-commerce applications. This paper will outline some sizing techniques.

Using Measures to Understand Requirements
Many approaches fashionable with technically-oriented practitioners clearly fail to satisfy the need for clarity of requirements. Some even trade short-term acceleration for long-term maintenance & support costs. What is missing? What can be done to ensure that new technologies help rather than hinder? This paper suggests some simple process improvements that might have made all the difference in a number of cases.

The Importance of the Size of Software Requirements
Size measurement methods have played a key role in helping to solve real-world problems of estimating, supplier/customer disputes, performance improvement and the management of outsourced contracts. This paper discusses the history of functional size measurement and the status of the COSMIC-FFP method.

Tick, Tick, Timesheets!
With just your normal timesheets, your work breakdown structure and a spreadsheet, you too could soon have your project running under statistical process control.

RAG States
Using Red, Amber, Green status to manage corrective action.

See Also:

Measuring SAP
We have found it possible to provide as good a service when measuring SAP as any other software.

Putting 'M' in the model
A set of slides, from the European SEPG Conference in 2002, for a discussion of Measurement and Analysis in the CMMI®

Controlling Software Contracts
... explores the critical issues of how software contracts can be controlled, and the difficulties involved from the customer and supplier viewpoints ...

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