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Painting by Numbers: Using visible measures for lean management.
Grant Rule, pioneer of the application of Lean techniques to software process improvement, explores what measures can be used to inform decisions and behaviour at all levels; how to go about getting them in place; and how to make sure they are visible - and therefore applied.

Risk and the CMMI
Roger Gamage looks at what the CMMI has to say about managing and mitigating risk.

Case Study: Estimating Large, Complex Programmes
A major software supplier to a public services organisation was responsible for a high-profile project running over a number of years. GIFPA were asked to construct and calibrate a model for estimating time, effort and therefore the cost of delivering this project.

All Sails Set - Towards the Shoals?
...neither sailboats nor software projects ever travel directly along the route planned. Both are subject to many forces that divert the progress actually made.

Time More Important Than Money?
New systems frequently have to be delivered in synch with business re-organisation, or the launch

The Importance of Accurate Estimating
... Few people realise that the most accurate estimate will also lead to the lowest cost development ... of a new product ...

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Tick, Tick, Timesheets!
With just your normal timesheets, your work breakdown structure and a spreadsheet, you too could soon have your project running under statistical process control.

Making Lessons Learned Work
A generally accepted truism in project management, and other areas, is that it's a good idea to capture any lessons from our endeavours and learn from them.

Using Measures to Understand Requirements
Many approaches fashionable with technically-oriented practitioners clearly fail to satisfy the need for clarity of requirements. Some even trade short-term acceleration for long-term maintenance & support costs. What is missing? What can be done to ensure that new technologies help rather than hinder? This paper suggests some simple process improvements that might have made all the difference in a number of cases.

The Importance of the Size of Software Requirements
Size measurement methods have played a key role in helping to solve real-world problems of estimating, supplier/customer disputes, performance improvement and the management of outsourced contracts. This paper discusses the history of functional size measurement and the status of the COSMIC-FFP method.

Using COSMIC for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Exploring the use of COSMIC-FFP based estimation in a real-time and embedded systems context.

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