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Delivering Return on Investment from Software Process Improvement
Taking a purely project-oriented view of makes it difficult to relate improvements in the software development process to the delivery of value to the customer. Grant Rule looks at how applying Lean principles to the overall management of software intensive systems makes this vital connection.

Painting by Numbers: Using visible measures for lean management.
Grant Rule, pioneer of the application of Lean techniques to software process improvement, explores what measures can be used to inform decisions and behaviour at all levels; how to go about getting them in place; and how to make sure they are visible - and therefore applied.

Case Study: Sustaining Quality: A Supplier's Story
A Case Study covering the initial stages of implementing a change and improvement programme for a major IT supplier.

Engaging Middle Managers in Improving Process Performance
For any change programme to succeed, it is essential that middle management is actively engaged in the project.

CMMI: The Prequel
Pre-requisites for a successful Process Improvement programme.

Case Study: CMMI Mini Evaluation
A software development business supplying a major international insurance provider asked GIFPA to help them assess whether investment in software process improvement was money well spent.

Case Study: Process Performance
"Why do our projects take more effort and run for longer than planned?". A software development and systems integrator was facing some awkward questions from their customers regarding cost, time overruns and quality. GIFPA conducted a study of process performance prior to running a re-planning exercise.

The Roman Marching Camp
Using the Roman miltary's Marching Camp as a model of how to implement an improvement culture in an existing organisation.

Making Lessons Learned Work
A generally accepted truism in project management, and other areas, is that it's a good idea to capture any lessons from our endeavours and learn from them.

Maturity Brings a Different View
of the hierarchy in higher maturity organisations.

Sixteen Tactical Practices to Improve Projects
... tactics that project managers can apply locally to improve their team's chance of delivering required products, within budget, on time.

Putting 'M' in the model
A set of slides, from the European SEPG Conference in 2002, for a discussion of Measurement and Analysis in the CMMI®

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Planning Counts
Measurement programmes and benchmarking exercises need to be planned and managed. For ideas we look at the 2001 Census.

Improve M&S Productivity
Helpful analysis and key action priorities for improving software Maintenance and Support(M&S) productivity

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