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This part of the Reference Section provides links to useful documents on other sites, many of which have been contributed to by GIFPA or our associates.

Bees and the Art of Estimating ~ Grant Rule

published in: IEEE SOFTWARE November/December 2000

link: (PDF - 5 pages)

Barry W Boehm and Richard E Fairley's article on Software Estimation Perspectives contains a one page essay by Grant illustrating some of the issues when people make estimates.

Size does matter ~ Charles Symons

published in: BCS Computer Bulletin July 2003


Measuring software size is important for estimating project resources, schedules and effort, yet it has depended on methods dating back to the 1970s and 1980s. A new free standard method is now emerging which takes account of modern developments. Charles Symons, who helped develop it, explains.

More on Counting Internet Applications ~ David Longstreet

published on David's website


This short article describes a local PC application that interfaces with the internet.

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