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Painting by Numbers: Using visible measures for lean management.
Grant Rule, pioneer of the application of Lean techniques to software process improvement, explores what measures can be used to inform decisions and behaviour at all levels; how to go about getting them in place; and how to make sure they are visible - and therefore applied.

Benefits to the UK software industry of successfully exploiting metrics
Charles Symons' formula calculates that effective use of metrics could deliver benefits in the region of £600K to the UK software industry (pub. Dec 2006)

Sizing software by counting "one, two, many": does it matter?
Charles Symons argues that it does. COSMIC-FFP is a functional size measurement specifically developed for the modern software industry and delivers far more valuable data than older methods.

Case Study: Monitoring Project Performance
How reliable is our functional size measurement? The answer to this question was highly significant to a Government department, their software supplier and to the taxpayer served by this partnership.

Process Appraisal or Benchmarking?
Clients often ask us, if their choice is between CMM® based appraisal or external benchmarking, which do we recommend ...

Case Study: Resolving a dispute
A major insurance provider wanted to know how well their supplier had performed over the two years of an outsourced partnership. They also wished to reach agreement with the supplier with a view to improving their joint practices.

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Tick, Tick, Timesheets!
With just your normal timesheets, your work breakdown structure and a spreadsheet, you too could soon have your project running under statistical process control.

Managing Supply Chains
If all stakeholders applied the rules of the CMMI® Acquisition PAs to all external interactions, just imagine how smoothly communications would run! Misunderstandings, blame, recriminations and buck-passing could become things of the past.

Software Project Census
Details of a typical approach used and the services available from GIFPA for conducting a census.

Planning Counts
Measurement programmes and benchmarking exercises need to be planned and managed. For ideas we look at the 2001 Census.

Putting 'M' in the model
A set of slides, from the European SEPG Conference in 2002, for a discussion of Measurement and Analysis in the CMMI®

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