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Delivering value from outsourcing
The CMMI was originally developed to evaluate and monitor the supply of software services. It delivers best benefits when the maturity levels of both customer and supplier match.

Case Study: Resolving a Dispute
Two years into an outsourcing partnership, a major insurance company and their supplier could not agree on how to interpret the data on the supplier's performance. They needed a means to move on in a constructive way.

Outsourcing with Output-based contracts
Grant Rule draws on GIFPA case history to offer guidelines on setting and managing effective output based contracts,.

Case Study: RApid Capability Evaluation (RACE)
A public sector organisation with one of the biggest computer complexes in Europe needed a thorough, objective, and reliable means of evaluating the suppliers in the preferred supplier pool. RACE is GIFPA' CMMI-based solution.

Managing Supply Chains
If all stakeholders applied the rules of the CMMI® Acquisition PAs to all external interactions, just imagine how smoothly communications would run! Misunderstandings, blame, recriminations and buck-passing could become things of the past.

Measuring SAP
We have found it possible to provide as good a service when measuring SAP as any other software.

Does Your Selected Supplier Have the Capability to Deliver?
Now outsourcing is regarded as a preferred method of acquiring a business system or even an organisation's entire portfolio, the CMM® is increasingly applied for its original purpose, as a means of supplier capability evaluation and monitoring.

Controlling Software Contracts
... explores the critical issues of how software contracts can be controlled, and the difficulties involved from the customer and supplier viewpoints ...

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