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Aspects of Function Point Analysis
There are more benefits from FPA than just deriving size.

Introduction to Function Point Analysis
Defining the size of software has been described as like "trying to nail jelly to a wall" ...

Issues with IFPUG Counting Practices Version 4
Function Points is referred to as a measurement. It is important to realise it is a statistical measure. Function point counters are not measuring systems so much as statistically sampling them

A Comparison of the Mark II and IFPUG Variants of Function Point Analysis
Shows the similarities and main differences between the two variants documented in the IFPUG FPA Counting Practices Manual Release 4.0 and the UFPUG Mark II FPA Counting Practices Manual Version 1.0.

Come back Function Point Analysis (modernised) - All is Forgiven!
In this paper, Charles Symons examines the reasons for the decline, and the main advances in thinking on the more general topic of Functional Size Measurement (FSM) which have been made in the last 15 years. Specifically, the COSMIC FFP method is seen as a significant step forward in being the first method designed by an international group of software metrics experts to work for both business application and real-time software.

Using COSMIC for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Exploring the use of COSMIC-FFP based estimation in a real-time and embedded systems context.

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Sizing E-commerce
There is an increasing demand to size web based e-commerce applications. This paper will outline some sizing techniques.

Rule’s Relative Size Scale (PDF 244Kb)
Software products come in a wide range of sizes, from trivially small to massive applications used by national governments and multinational corporations. For benchmarking and estimating purposes it often is useful to appreciate the relative size of a specific piece of software. An appropriate scale of size categories can be based on the familiar terms used to express clothing sizes i.e. XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

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