Data Collection


Without data it is impossible to derive measures of progress, quality, speed of delivery or cost. Without measurement it is impossible to manage any non-trivial piece of work. Without historical data it is also very difficult to derive any meaningful estimates for future work.

GIFPA can provide a range of data collection services and consultancy including:

  • One off data collections to provide input to exercises such as benchmarking, performance measurement or supplier selection
  • On-going data collection as part of a measurement programme or performance improvement programme
  • Setting up, consultancy to and quality assurance of an internal data collection function.

Our Data Collection services cover:

  • Discovering data through interview with stakeholders and practitioners
  • Extracting data from documentation, software tools and design artefacts
  • Document Discovery.

Typical raw data collected includes:

  • Design artefacts for Functional Sizing
  • Time records - duration and effort
  • Staffing profiles - effort by job function over time
  • Defect history - classification of defects by severity and collation by time
  • Technical profiles so that both like and unlike technologies can be compared
  • Costs - staffing, facilities, capital, etc.
  • Estimates and Plans

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