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In all aspects of software development and maintenance, measurement and analysis should be applied to reduce cost, and improve quality and predictability.Getting it right first time by using industry experts saves time, money and wasted effort.

Measurement programmes should be focussed on the critical concerns of the business. For measurement to add value to the process of software development and/or maintenance, the goals of the measurement programme must be:

  • specific
  • clearly defined
  • measurable
  • reflect the business objectives.

The first consideration in the measurement process is to define the actual measures in numerical terms to be used. This is logically followed by measurement, data collection, validation, collation and usage, finishing with analysis and reporting.

GIFPA Functional Size Pilot Study

GIFPA provides services to set up and run measurement programmes. We can also enable organisations to gather software metrics themselves and advise on effective application.

GIFPA has put together the following special consulting package to help you get started:

  • An initial discussion to agree the scope, objectives and deliverables of an FSM Pilot Study in the context of your organisation
  • A Kick-Off Workshop to explain the process with the project team(s) selected for inclusion in the pilot study
  • Application of the chosen FSM technique by experienced consulting analysts to the selected project(s)
  • Collection of related data and calculation of derived measurements
  • Presentation of the results of the FSM Pilot Study to the key stakeholders in your organisation, including details of the benefits

Each FSM Pilot Study is designed to be completed in one week at a cost of you of just £10,000 GBP*. Contact GIFPA for details.

* offer available to 31 October 2007.

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Applying Software Metrics will utilise many of the Tools and Techniques for measurement, modelling and planning . The measurements should also be compared to the relevant estimates. For example:

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