Supporting a Measurement Programme


Once successfully started a measurement programme will need active support from the sponsors and other key stakeholders. They must be seen to be acting on the reports from the programme, using them to inform business and operational decisions. There are various activities required to keep the measurement programme operating effectively and the results relevant.

Some of these are variations of the activities performed during the start phase, such as:

  • Identifying changes to the business objective(s), their sponsors or owners and other key stakeholders
  • Updating the Goals, Questions and Metrics used to track progress or status against those objectives
  • Defining:
    • new data to be collected and changes to existing data collection;
    • updating the calculations necessary to produce useful measurements to reflect changes in the data
    • new or changed analysis and reports to interpret results
  • Evaluating the change requests and, if accepted, planning the changes to the programme (including changes to the data and measurements to manage and assess the programme itself).

Others are specific to the support phase. For example audits and assessments of the programme to provide quality assurance.

GIFPA provides a range of training, services and general consultancy to support a measurement programme. The services include:

  • Data Collection - either to cover any shortfall in local resources or provide a permanent capability
  • Functional Sizing Audits - to provide quality assurance on the use of the COSMIC FFP, MkII or IFPUG methods.

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