Class A

Rigorous in-depth assessments, conducted by an SEI trained Lead Assessor, resulting in an Organisational Maturity Level certified by the SEI. These assessments provide a thorough coverage of each relevant process area using a consistent, repeatable method to give an objective rating suitable for benchmarking. Although the method is resource intensive and requires fully trained personnel, the commitment demonstrated, and the buy-in generated, has proved indispensable for a successful process improvement campaign.

GIFPA can provide Lead Assessors for CMM®-Based Assessment for Internal Process Improvement (CBA-IPI), and Standard CMMI® Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPIsm) Lead Appraisers.

Class B

Suitable for initial or interim investigations, Class B Assessments are quicker and use fewer client resources to gain an insight into an organisation's capability. This insight can provide a starting point for process improvement or enable attention to be focused on high leverage areas and quick wins. The scope of Class B Appraisals is flexible and they can be tailored (using the CMMI® Continuous Model) to look into specific process areas such as Project Management, or extended to cover the entire CMMI® model in as much detail as a Class A. They do not produce a certified Maturity Level, but provide a less expensive method of qualitative assessment.

Class C

These rapid 'Health Checks' provide an inexpensive quick look at specific process areas or problem spots. They are particularly suitable for incremental checks between more rigorous assessments, providing rapid feedback on the progress of an improvement project. Class C checks can also be used in preparation for a Class B or a full Class A appraisal. GIFPA provide the resources to keep disruption to a minimum, and deliver a status report quickly and efficiently.

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