GIFPA offer a range of Appraisal Services based around the SEI Capability Maturity Models (CMM®), the SPICE Model and the ISO 9001/2000 standards. All classes of CMM® Appraisal can be based on either the CMM® or the CMMI® models, and GIFPA have experience in designing 'Hybrid Assessments', where organisations are in transition.

Software Project Audits

As auditors, our principal consultants can provide a thorough, formal examination of a software project, whether internally run or outsourced to an external supplier, resulting in a factual report defining situation and status. The audit package includes the definition of the criteria to be used, which will be based on International Standards and on the requirements and expectations of the parties involved. Contractual obligations can be evaluated and advice given on negotiations for ongoing partnerships. These audits assume input, negotiation and commitment by both parties with the aim of initiating, clarifying or improving relations.

Software Supplier Audits

GIFPA can also offer a service, to organisations that outsource their software development and/or maintenance, which supplies an audit report on a project, or supplier, in strict confidence. Although undesirable, it is sometimes necessary to enforce contractual obligations, and this requires an independent, objective and professional view of the situation.

Software Contract Audits

GIFPA has considerable experience in assisting with the management of outsourcing partnerships, and has been called upon to help when relationships are becoming strained, sometimes to breaking point. As a result we are in an excellent position to help both client and outsourcer;

  • negotiate, understand and commit to sensible contractual obligations
  • negotiate, understand and commit to measurable targets
  • measure, evaluate and understand relevant performance indicators
  • plan for, achieve and sustain excellent, ongoing productive relationships

During negotiation of an outsourcing contract it makes sense to consult a lawyer about the legal issues inherent in such an important, possibly critical business commitment. Equally, it makes sense to consult a measurement specialist before committing to, or relying on, arbitrarily chosen cost, schedule and quality targets. GIFPA can ensure that the chosen metrics and indicators are relevant and measurable, and that they genuinely reflect the results sought by both parties.

Once the outsourcing partnership has been set up based on sound measurable targets, GIFPA provides a regular, usually annual, audit which independently confirms the 'in-flight' measures taken, gives a status report and warns of any negative trends or impending problems so that early steps can be taken by both parties to ensure smooth ongoing relations.

GIFPA' Software Contract Audits are based around the 'Process Monitoring' application of the SCE (Supplier Capability Evaluation), which gives them the consistency necessary for benchmarking. However, GIFPA add value to the process by using quantitative as well as qualitative techniques.

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