Supplier Capability Evaluation

The SEIsm Supplier Capability Evaluation (SCEsm) is a proven method for gaining insight into the capability of software suppliers. It is a valuable, almost essential, decision-making tool for the management of outsourcing, because it provides an objective view of the relative merits and abilities of competing suppliers.

An SCEsm provides a means of predicting the most likely outcome of a supplier's next project. In other words, it gives a client a quantitative assessment of the risk involved with the placement of a software contract. Once the contract is awarded, the SCEsm findings form a sound basis for ongoing risk management by both parties.

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Software Process Evaluation

GIFPA' proprietary Software Process Evaluations (GIFPA/SPE) can be used internally or externally to investigate the maturity of certain important process areas.

This method draws on our experience in using both the SEIsm SCEsm and various ARC-compliant assessment models. It is based on the continuous model of the CMMI® which allows the flexibility to concentrate on specific process areas that are considered to be 'high risk' or offer potential high returns on investment. GIFPA' own evaluation service gives the familiar qualitative evaluation of the CMM® and CMMI® Assessments, but also places special importance on the quantitative evaluation of software development and maintenance processes. Appraisals are carefully tailored to fit the circumstances during an initial Scope Study, and are geared towards initiating, expanding or redirecting process improvement activities.

GIFPA adds value to these investigations by helping clients to plan successful ongoing improvement campaigns based on objective and measurable criteria.

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