Functional Sizing Audits


Whether you are using IFPUG, MkII or COSMIC for Functional Sizing of software, you will need to ensure that your processes are producing reliable consistent results. GIFPA has been training, supporting and auditing Function Point Analysts for many years. Our experienced consultants can perform a thorough audit of your sizing processes. A functional Sizing Audit checks for:

Accuracy - that the correct sizes have been reported for the transactions which have been counted.

Completeness and Correctness - that the set of transactions counted was complete and correctly identified

Consistency - that variation of the functional sizing is within acceptable levels across:

  • time
  • applications or systems
  • projects
  • technologies
  • people performing analysis.

Compliance - adherence to:

  • accepted standards
  • in-house counting rules
  • required / recognised processes and procedures.

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