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GIFPA Ltd. 2016, as the name suggests, specialise in the objective measurement and evaluation of software services, processes and products. We can provide both quantitative assessment and qualitative assessment, and are the only UK based company currently offering such a diverse range of professional assessment services.

We offer assessment of the capabillity to develop, maintain and support systems based on or containing software. We use all the widely accepted Models, Standards and Methods, including CMMI®, ISO 9001/2000, and ITIL. We also provide auditing of in-house functional size measurement capabilities, e.g. Functional Sizing Audits, and a Document Discovery service to help find, collate and review documents, process and design assets.

We can provide training and appraisals through our partnerships with SEI Authorised Transition Partner, Ken Dymond of PTI Inc, and SEI Authorised Trainer, Roger Gamage. Click here for details of training courses in Assessing Capability.

SEI Capability Maturity Model CMMI®

Assessment Category Assessment Methods
Audit SPA - Software Project Audit
A formal audit of project operation and compliance to governing standards and processes
SSA - Software Supplier Audit
A formal audit of suppliers compliance to agreed standards and processes
SCA - Supplier Contract Audit
A formal audit of suppliers compliance to contractual obligations
Appraisal Class A
CBA-IPI or SCAMPI Appraisal
resulting in an Organisational Maturity Level, certified by the SEI
Class B
CAF or ARC compliant Appraisal
Suitable for initial or interim investigations
Class C
CAF or ARC compliant Appraisal
Rapid 'Health Checks' for a quick look at specific process areas or problems
Evaluation SCE: Software Capability Evaluation
Essential for gaining insight into the capability of software suppliers

RAce: RApid Capability Evaluation. Objective selection criteria for selecting preferred suppliers.

ISO 9001/2000 and ITIL

Capability can be assessed against one - or more - industry models as well as an organisation’s own process standards. As well as Formal Assessments GIFPA can conduct audits and investigations to help client organisations achieve compliance with industry models:

Gap Analysis Interim Compliance Documentation Audit ITIL Assessment
An analysis of existing processes and quality systems to identify what needs to be done to meet ISO standards. AuditCheck compliance prior to an official audit by the certification bodies Assess whether the documentation is complete, and satisfies the requirements of the standard An initial, scaled Assessment against the ITIL model.
SPI Progress Evaluation
Checks progress against the model and improvement plans
Pre-Assessment Audit
Identify areas still needing improvement and familiarise staff with the process prior to a full assessment.
Full ITIL Assessment

Functional Sizing Audits

Audits samples of previous size counts and documents the results. Investigates accuracy, completeness, consitency and compliance.

Document Discovery

Prior to a Capability Assessment, all existing process documentation must be identified, collated and reviewed. The review looks for coverage of process against industry best practice and process models. The process documentation includes not only definitions of the processes but also deliverables showing they are being followed. It may also include measurements of the software processes as they were being performed.

Before a Functional Sizing Audit, a similar exercise can be performed to identify appropriate design artefacts. It is useful to have not only those artefacts which were used for the original analysis, but others which can be used as an alternative source for verification.

Service Relationship Diagram

Each type of assessment is based on the model or method against which it is conducted. Where appropriate documentation has not already been identified and organised into some form of repository, an assessment may be preceded by Document Discovery.

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