GIFPA has created its services to relate to ISO Technical Report 15504 as the full SPICE standard is still in development; however the final SPICE standard will be based on this Technical Report.

The SPICE model may be used as a framework for process improvement, to be used in-house with no formal certification. However many organisations will see market advantage in obtaining formal certification to this standard.

One of the benefits of a SPICE based approach is that you can have a scaled assessment of your current practices. This allows you to have confidence in the method and select those areas where initial improvement can bring most benefits, before committing to a full implementation of the standard.

GIFPA can provide the initial assessment and guidance in selecting those areas for improvement. Once the improvements have been completed we can conduct follow up assessments to ensure effectiveness.

SPICE – Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination is a major international standard for Software Process Assessment. There is a thriving SPICE user group known as SUGar. The SPICE initiative is supported by both the Software Engineering Institute and the European Software Institute. The SPICE standard is currently in its field trial stage.

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