Estimating Workshop


What is it?

A group exercise, conducted by key stakeholders and experts under the guidance of an experienced facilitator. The result of which is consensus on a set of basic estimates. These can then be used to predict likely size, effort, duration etc for a piece of work or the next phase of a project.

Each workshop is tailored to meet the organisation's specific goals, environment and structure. Not only can they can be used for in-house developments but also jointly by the customer/supplier partners in an outsourced project.

The workshop process can range from a single session coverring the major steps to a series spread over several days. The full workshop method includes:

  • Group kick-off meeting with preparatory investigations
  • Data gathering, using well-established techniques such as Ten Questions, or Fast Eddy, with Individual Reviews of documentation and evidence
  • Logging assumptions throughout the workshop enabling subsequent review
  • Scoping meeting, with calculations of the project parameters to produce the early estimate, using the Modified DELPHI approach, supplemented as necessary by local data
  • Review of information gathered and a group consensus building meeting
  • Delivery of the Agreed Estimate of the most likely ranges for product size, project effort, duration and cost
  • Tracking outstanding issues until they are resolved
  • Feedback session for continuous improvement of workshops.

Who should attend ?

Stakeholder groups of 2 to 12 people, including the project sponsor, users, designers, development and test teams, QA staff and external suppliers as necessary and appropriate.

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