Risk Management Workshop


What is it?

A group exercise to find and analyse probable project risks then develop strategies to ameliorate them. The workshop is conducted by key stakeholders under the guidance of an experienced and impartial facilitator.

Why is it useful?

A risk management workshop facilitates systematic identification, understanding and consensus of the level of risk exposure.

It produces a risk register capturing the results in a form against which the status of risks and mitigation strategies can be tracked.

How does it work?

Each workshop is tailored to review the threats specific to the project or package of work. It is run by a trained moderator who facilitates the meeting to collectively:

  1. find risks
  2. analyse them (determining probabilities and likely impacts)
  3. plan who will do what and when.

The workshop meeting typically takes between 2 and 4 hours.

Who should participate?

Stakeholder groups of 2 to 12 people including, as appropriate, the project sponsor, users, designers, developers, testers, QA staff and external suppliers.

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