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Successful practitioners of software process improvement deliver significantly better performance in terms of budget and schedule conformance, productivity and quality than the average software project.

Investment in software process improvement has been shown to deliver a returns of 5:1 (that’s £5 return on every £1 invested) or better.

There is an ever-widening gap between the performance achieved by organisations who have adopted an improvement programme and those who have not.

Given these facts, everyone concerned with using, developing or maintaining software-intensive systems should be interested in improving software process performance. With over ten years experience of helping clients to implement successful improvement initiatives, GIFPA has the expertise to enable you to achieve a successful programme of continuous improvement.

How can we help?

Whether your software is developed and maintained by an in-house team, or outsourced, GIFPA can advise you:

  • How to put together the business case for investment in improvement.
  • Where to start setting up a successful improvement programme.
  • How to align your softwre processes to best practice.
  • How to ensure that a change initiative delivers the promised benefits.
  • How to evaluate the results of your current improvement programme.
  • How to implement improvement without disrupting your day to day business.

Look Before You Leap

Tony Rollo of GIFPA presented the essential guide to the necessary prerequisites for a successful improvement programme to the UNICOM Forum "Process Improvement and CMMI" in November 2006. Download a pdf copy of CMMI The Prequel.

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