Improving Processes


Why invest in software process improvement?

Whether software is developed and maintained by an in-house team or outsourced, the development process needs to deliver value to the business. The efficiency and productivity of the software development team are significant factors in the management of IT projects. Industry Standards such as the SEIsm CMM®/CMMI® ; ISO; ITIL; Six Sigma; CoBIT etc. have evolved to ensure a level of consistency and comparability in software process performance.

While it has been proven that successful practitioners of software process improvement deliver significantly better performance in terms of budget and schedule conformance, productivity and quality than the average software project, it is also true that a significant number of improvement programmes fail to deliver value in the timescale required.

If you are investing in an improvement initiative, it is necessary to plan for dealing successfully with the issues which prevent improvement programmes delivering the expected benefits.

Look Before You Leap

Download a copy of Tony's Rollo's guide to the pre-requisites for a successful improvement programme.

Delivering results

GIFPA has extensive expertise in helping organisations realise the benefits of an improvement programme. We can support the initiation of a process improvement programme so that it is planned from the outset to deliver what your business needs and avoid costly waste. Our goal is to support clients in developing a programme of continuous improvement, maintaining a long-term partnership providing advice, training or mentoring to both process improvement and project teams as needed. We can support all the various frameworks for process modelling.

GIFPA Lean and Agile Method for Improvement Teams

GIFPA has taken the lead in applying the principles of Lean management to process improvement. Our expertise in implementing improvement programmes to deliver quick-wins focussed on delivering business value and improving communication between IT and business throughout the whole end-to-end process has informed the development of GIFPA SLAMit! - the GIFPA Lean and Agile Method for Improvement Teams.

Best Practice Audit

We will audit your software processes against current Best Practice to identify an implementation plan suited to the needs and business drivers of your organisation. This can be used as the first stage in planning:

  • to initiate an improvement programme.
  • to align existing software processes to best practices.
  • to ensure a change initiative delivers the promised benefits.
  • to evaluate the results of a current improvement programme.
  • to implement improvement without disrupting your day to day business.
  • Value Stream Mapping to make processes lean and agile
  • to maintain an on-going improvement programme

As an alternative to consultancy against a particular model GIFPA can provide expertise, based on a basket of models and industry best practice, in particular process areas. The areas need not align with any particular model but can be defined to suit the improvement objectives of the organisation.

CMMI® Consultancy

The different levels of capability for CMMI® are used to indicate the ability of your organisation to perform software processes successfully, and to provide guidance for process capability improvement. GIFPA was the first to introduce public training in the CMM® to the UK and can provide high-level consultancy, training, assessment and appraisal in the CMMI® v1.2.

How it Works

Key processes and process areas, as applicable to CMMI®, will be rapidly identified by our experienced consultants facilitating clear project management guidelines and a fast and smooth transition to the measurement & analysis stages of improving performance.

Measurement and Analysis

Using clearly defined, tailored, agreed procedures, tools and techniques, our consultants will enable your Project Team to:

  • identify measurement requirements
  • construct a measurement strategy
  • collect meaningful data.

These are factored into forward plans for a continuous process improvement programme.

Project Management and Support

Ideally a project team (in SEIsm terminology an SEPG - Software Engineering Process Group) from your organisation will control the processes and improvement programme. Our consultants can provide the process expertise and training to support both SEPG members and staff.

A Lean and Agile Approach

GIFPA has applied our expertise in partnering organisations to implement change and improvement programmes to develop GIFPA's Lean and Agile Method for Improvement Teams (SLAMit). This approach offers huge benefits in understanding and removes costly waste within software development activities.

How are the services related?

Some form of Capability Assessment can be used to form the organisation's improvement objectives and to measure progress. Various Tools and Techniques may be employed in support of the process improvement activities. For example:

Diagram showing relationships between the process improvment services and with some of the other service categories.

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