Using and Implementing the CMMI® / Intro to the CMMI® SE/SW/IPPD/SS


How to use the model for appraising & improving an organisation's processes.


This interactive workshop introduces the Staged Representation of the CMMI®: the Capability Maturity Model® Integratedsm for Systems Engineering / Software Engineering / Integrated Product and Process Development / Supplier Sourcing.

Course Topics

  • Overview of the CMMI®
    What it is. Representation options. Why it was created. Who uses it. How it helps.
  • Engineering process maturity
    The principles of the CMMI®.
  • The five maturity levels
    The structure of the model. The levels, goals and generic practices.
  • The twenty-five process areas
    The process areas that address project management, engineering, support, integrated product & process development and process management.
  • Linking the process areas together
    How the process areas integrate to provide mutual support and sustain improvements.
  • Interpreting the model
    How to interpret and use the model in your specific circumstances.
  • Applying the CMMI®
    Using the model to achieve improved performance in your organisation.
  • Providing organisational support
    How to support long-lived improvement, set up a suitable infrastructure, capitalise on 'lessons learned', use measurement as a driving force and provide effective feedback.
  • Assessing process maturity
    Starting improvement. What is capability maturity appraisal? What does the process involve? Why is it effective? How do evaluations and audits compare?
  • Summary
    Review, Conclusions and Action Plans.


This workshop describes a framework that organisations can use to determine their ability to develop, enhance and support systems, services and products that contain, or heavily rely upon, software. It provides a model for organisational improvement. The workshop is composed of lectures and interactive exercises performed as a class or in small groups. The public, residential, friendly and stimulating environment has been proved to encourage group investigation of the ideas discussed. It helps prepare participants to make valid judgments regarding an organisation's systems and software engineering practices and identifies issues that arise during improvement projects.


The standard delivery of this workshop includes material from the SEI’s ‘Introduction to the CMMI®' course and is authorised by the Software Engineering Institute. Participants completing the standard workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion. The course can fulfil an SEI prerequisite for training Lead Assessors & Assessment Team Members in the CMMI®-Based Appraisal Method.


In-house Courses - call for pricing.

Public Courses - £2100 (GBP) per person, which includes accommodation.
(Should additional accommodation be required immediately preceding or following the course this is available on bed and breakfast terms for £110 per night.)

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Available as:
4 day course

Intended Audience:

Senior Managers seeking to improve performance throughout their organisation and those of their service providers

Engineering, Project and QA Managers wishing to reduce risk and improve the predictability of product delivery and project schedules and product quality

Staff assigned as Appraisal Team Members and staff of projects selected for appraisal

Anyone leading or participating in an improvement team, SEPG, process quality maturity group or process action team

Staff from departments such as Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Training, etc who contribute to project success.


Participants should have some knowledge of systems or product engineering, software development or project management in a product- or service-oriented environment. Exposure to QC/QA, configuration management and basic management lore will prove useful.

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