Measuring Performance


Measuring Performance

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Design and Implementation of a Balanced IT Scorecard  Formal Course 
Go beyond the theory to derive the components of a balanced scorecard linked to your organisation’s business goals

An Introduction to the Use of a Balanced IT Scorecard  
Understand how a balanced scorecard can contribute to understanding and improving the performance of an IT group

Related Courses:

Category: Applying Software Metrics

Manager’s Guide to Software Measurement  
Understand how disciplined, quantitative practices can be used to control costs and maximise productivity.

Uses and Benefits of Function Point Analysis  
Learn how FPA can help your projects manage the acquisition, development, integration and support of software systems

Category: Tools and Techniques

COSMIC FFP for Sizing & Estimating MIS and Real-Time Software Requirements  Formal Course 
Learn how to measure the software component of software-intensive systems using the latest ISO-standard method

Practical use of IFPUG Function Point Analysis  Formal Course 
Learn the most popular technique for measuring the functional size of software applications and projects

Practical use of MkII Function Point Analysis  Formal Course 
Learn the UK Government’s preferred technique for measuring the functional size of software applications and projects

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