COSMIC FFP for Sizing & Estimating MIS and Real-Time Software Requirements


Learn how to measure the software component of software-intensive systems using the latest ISO-standard method


This course introduces participants to the functional size measurement of software, regardless of the application domain for which that software is produced. The COSMIC FFP technique has been created, learning the lessons of the past 20 years, by an international consortium specifically with the objective of providing a measure of the output of the software development process that works for modern software applications irrespective of the operational performance constraints that the software is designed to meet.

Course Topics

  • Background to software functional size measurement and to the COSMIC initiative
  • Principles of the COSMIC FFP method and rules for its application for new development and enhancement projects
  • Approaches to estimating using the COSMIC FFP method, and the method's wider uses
  • Considerations on implementing the method.


The session will be extensively illustrated with practical examples and GIFPA case study material from both the Management Information System and Real-Time worlds.


In-house Courses £3000 GBP + VAT per in house 2 day session (up to 8 delegates)
Public Course £ 750 GBP + VAT per person (public seminar)

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Available as:
2 day course

Intended Audience:

Project managers, team leaders, development staff, and those who need measures to estimate, manage risk, control contracts and measure performance



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In this paper, Charles Symons examines the reasons for the decline, and the main advances in thinking on the more general topic of Functional Size Measurement (FSM) which have been made in the last 15 years. Specifically, the COSMIC FFP method is seen as a significant step forward in being the first method designed by an international group of software metrics experts to work for both business application and real-time software.

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